Glen Denning LLC

Restoring Vermont's
Finest Traditions

Our main objective in the redesign and restoration of Vermont's traditional farmhouses is to transform the interior spaces into functional living areas to fit the lifestyle needs of today's homeowners. We accomplish this through a variety of means, such as adding structure (where necessary), enhancing existing floor plans, upgrading mechanical systems and integrating energy-efficiency. We do it all with an acute sensitivity to the traditional exterior details and elevation of the home, while incorporating the most advance building materials.

At Glendenning Vermont County Homes, our fervent appreciation and profound respect for early New England architectural design shines through. As virtual "historians" of period structures, their functionality and relationship to their settings, we realize that the traditional Vermont farmhouse was embraced by its owners as much for a comfortable "feel" as for an appealing visual presence and concurrence with the environment.

Donald Glendenning works in close partnership with Robert Carl Williams Associates (RCWA)--one of Vermont's most respected architectural firms. Like Glendenning Vermont Country Homes, RCWA has a earned a stellar reputation for incorporating culturally compliant, as well as historically significant, elements into the restoration to form an "all-natural" presentation. We are especially proud of what Dan Pratt, an RCWA architect had to say about our partnership: "Working with Glendenning, our restoration projects are able to add a whole house to the original, yet the restoration comes out looking like it was there since the house was built."

sugar house restoration of Vermont's traditional farmhouses
restoration of Vermont's traditional farmhouses
restoration of Vermont's traditional farmhouses
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