restoration of Vermont's traditional farmhouses
restoration of Vermont's traditional farmhouses

The Baasch Dental Building | Wallingford VT

Having operated his dental practice for 25 years in an early 1800's historic building in Wallingford, Vermont, Dr. David Baasch summoned the Glendenning team to integrate much-needed additional space within the structure's traditional architectural design. Not only was this achieved successfully with minimal disruption of daily office operations, but the new building appears to be an innate part of the original in every detail both inside and out.

"Don Glendenning and his team of professionals are masters of organization. They undertook the very difficult job of building a new office and renovating an old one seamlessly and simultaneously. The two buildings blend perfectly, and we didn't even have to close our business during the renovations. Don and his team are very professional, polite and hard-working. Despite the project being undertaken during winter in Vermont, they finished early. Kudos to Don and his team for their expertise and efficiency."

Dr. David Baasch, DDS
Wallingford, Vermont

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